December 5, 2018
Ο ασύρματος τηλέγραφος με την ψηλή κεραία του δεσπόζει στο τοπίο (Ministère de la Culture (France) - Médiathèque de l'architecture et du patrimoine - diffusion RMN).
Early 20th c.
December 5, 2018


The gradual afforestation of the Hills

The Philodasiki Enosis (Society of Friends of the Forest) is founded in 1899 and undertakes to carry out the important project of reforesting the basin of Attica. After the introduction of Act 2740/1900, the project expands. Hence, after the decision to suspend the operation of the quarries, the tree planting of some cypresses and many pines commences on the Hills of the Muses (Philopappos), the Nymphs and the Pnyx.
Selected bibliography:

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The Hill and the monument of Philopappos shown on photographs taken from the Acropolis. A comparison of the contemporary photograph with that of 1905 reveals the immense change that took place on the Hill after its afforestation, during the Interwar period.
(Source: Dipylon)