December 5, 2018
December 5, 2018


The “Large Block Apartment”

This block of flats is constructed in order to cover the housing needs which had not been fully met by the “Stone houses” after the 1944 fire that broke out at the district of “Asyrmatos”. At the same time, the construction of the ring road of Philopappos is completed, while the Hill of the Nymphs enters the list of “historical places and landscapes of exceptional natural beauty.”
Selected bibliography:

G.G. 606/B3-10-1967 Act on the declaration of historical preserved places.


The block of flats “Asyrmatos”, as it is called nowadays, on the Philopappos ring road, was designed by architect Elli Vatikioti. The five-storey building consists of 55 apartments and 8 shops.
(Source: Dipylon)