December 5, 2018
December 5, 2018


Exhibition “Panathenea of Contemporary Sculpture”

Within the scope of the Athens Festival, an exhibition of modern large-scale sculpture is organised for the first time, up to the standards of a biennale. Works by significant artists, such as Dali, Matisse and Picasso, are exhibited at the outdoor space of the Hill of the Muses (Philopappos).
Selected bibliography:

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A photograph of Auguste Renoir’s “Venus Victrix”. The piece of sculpture was among the exhibits at the International Exhibition of Sculpture (Athens Biennale) that took place in 1965 on the Hill of the Muses (Philopappos).
Article from the newspaper Eleftheria (top right), making mention of the special event of the International Exhibition and of the internationally acclaimed artists that would participate.
(Source: Archive of Tonis Spiteris. Teloglion Fine Arts Foundation, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)