December 5, 2018
December 5, 2018


Εκτεταμένα λαξεύματα στη δυτική πλαγιά του λόφου των Νυμφών, προτού λατομηθούν (Universität Heidelberg).

The first systematic attempt to map the antiquities

In 1878, archaeologist and historian Ernst Curtius, and cartographer and topographer Johann August Kaupert undertook a systematic mapping of the antiquities in the region of the Western Hills. As it is mentioned in the explanatory notes accompanying the project Atlas von Athen (Atlas of Athens), “these traces of ancient life disappear year after year as a result of the reckless exploitation of the Western Hills of Athens that are being relentlessly looted and blasted, and crumble to piles of ruins.”
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Atlas von Athen
(Source: Curtius and Kaupert 1878, Bl. VI)