1550–1100 BC
December 5, 2018
700–480 BC
December 5, 2018

1050–700 BC

Geometric period: Traces of habitation and extended burial areas

At the Pnyx excavations very few pottery fragments of the Geometric period were found, denoting though human presence on the Hills during this time. Few Geometric finds were also located at excavations in the area of the church of Agios Demetrios Loumbardiaris. However, recent excavations at the eastern slopes of the Hill of the Muses (Philopappos) revealed a cluster of three graves of the Geometric times containing notable findings. It is possible these graves are part of a cemetery that expanded in the area during this period.
Selected bibliography:

Poulou 2013, 231–246.


Plan of graves and important finds from the Geometric cemetery excavated at the Hill of the Muses (Philopappos): cosmetics boxes and jewellery.
(Source: Poulou 2013, fig. 2, 6a, 6c, 7b)